Islamic Texts

A collection of famous Islamic texts (mutûn) and poems in Arabic covering different subjects, which are typically studied, explained and memorised.  I will continually expand on this list inshaa’ Allaah. Please note that all files are in pdf format to ease viewing across multiple platforms, so a pdf document reader (such as Acrobat) is needed.  If there are any missing/broken links or mistakes, please notify me.

Text Title Author Subject
Tuhfah Al-Atfâl Sulaymân Al-Jamzûrî Tajweed
Mandhûmah Al-Jazarîyyah Ibn Al-Jazarî Tajweed
Al-Âjurrûmîyyah Ibn Al-Âjurrûm Nahw
Al-Mandhûmah Al-Âjurrûmîyyah Muhammad Ibn Abb Nahw
Al-Usûl Ath-Thalâthah Ibn `Abd Al-Wahhâb `Aqîdah
Al-Qawâ’id Al-Arba` Ibn `Abd Al-Wahhâb `Aqîdah
Al-Waraqât Al-Juwaynî Usûl Al-Fiqh
Nadhm Al-Waraqât Sharaf Ad-Dîn Al-`Amrîtî Usûl Al-Fiqh
Muqaddimah At-Tafsîr Ibn Taymîyyah Usûl At-Tafsîr
Usûl At-Tafsîr Ibn Qâsim Usûl At-Tafsîr
Mandhûmah Az-Zamzimî `Abd Al-`Azîz Az-Zamzimî Usûl At-Tafsîr
Mandhûmah Al-Bayqûnîyyah `Umar Al-Bayqûnî Usûl Al-Hadîth
Al-Arba`în An-Nawawiyyah (ma`a Az-Ziyâdât) An-Nawawî, Ibn Rajab Hadîth

2 comments so far

  1. Umm Ubayd on

    as salaam alaikum , I wouid greatly appriciate if you could direct me to the poem. I can’t seem to find it.

    • Abû `Uthmân on

      Wa`alaykum us-salâm warahmatullâh Umm Ubayd,

      Sorry, I should really make this page a bit clearer. Which poem are you looking for in particular? I’m guessing you want the Al-Âjurûmiyyah one? In which case it’s this link: Al-Mandhûmah Al-Âjurrûmiyyah

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