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The Impermissibility of Reciting The Qur’an Without A Teacher/Shaykh

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Shaykh Muhammad Mûsâ Âl Nasr explains the importance of having an unbroken chain going back to the Prophet (sall Allaahu `alayhi wasallam), with respect to learning and reading the Qur’ân.  This is the third lecture/lesson in a five part series, ‘The Quran and its Sciences” (linked below). The title of this lecture isn’t suppose to put you off from reading the book of Allâh, but rather encourage one to seek a qualified teacher and give the Qur’ân its due.

The Impermissibility of Reciting The Quran Without A Teacher/Shaykh

The Quran and its Sciences