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The Status of the Arabic Language in Islam

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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The Status of the Arabic Language in Islâm

Shaykh Al-Islâm ibn Taymiyyah

Iqtidâ‘us-Sirâtil-Mustaqîm (2/207)

As for becoming accustomed to talking to one another in a language other than Arabic, which is the symbol of Islâm and the language of the Qur‘ân, so that this becomes a habit in the land, with one’s family and household members, with one’s friends, in the marketplace, when addressing government representatives or authority figures or when speaking to people of knowledge, undoubtedly this is makrooh (disliked), because it involves being like the non-Arabs, which is makrooh, as stated previously.

Hence when the early Muslims went to live in Syria and Egypt, where the people spoke Byzantine Greek, and in ’Iraaq and Khurasaan, where the people spoke Persian, and North Africa (al-Maghrib) where the people spoke Berber, they taught the people of those countries to speak Arabic, so that Arabic became the prevalent language in those lands, and! all the people, Muslim and kaafir alike, spoke Arabic. Such was also the case in Khurasaan in the past, then they became lax with regard to the language and got used to speaking Farsee until it became prevalent and Arabic was forgotten by most of them. Undoubtedly this is disliked.

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The Definition of an `Arab – Ibn Taymiyyah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Following on from yesterday’s post, I decided to post this old ebook from As you can probably guess if you read yesterday’s post, the definition is somewhat antonymous to the defintion of `Ajami and in a Islamic context, it is far from the Arab Nationalism we often perceive.

Link: The Definition of an `Arab