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English Translation of Al-Ajurrumiyyah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Simplifying Al-Âjurrûmîyyah is basically an English translation of Al-Âjurrûmiyyah.  It should assist and play as a useful backup for those of us who may struggle with some words and phrases.  The translator is Abul-Layth Qasim ibn Aggrey Mutiva, may Allâh reward him with good.

Simplifying Al-Âjurrûmîyyah


Lessons on Tuhfah As-Saniyyah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Yet more from Shaykh Raslân…  A brother told me that the Shaykh has lessons on Tuhfah As-Saniyyah, a rather popular explanation of Al-Âjurûmiyyah, so I dug them up.  The author’s is Muhammad Muhyî Ad-Dîn `Abd Al-Hamîd and his book is the best explanation of Al-Âjurûmiyyah I have yet seen.  But it isn’t the most basic, which is why you find that this explanation itself, has been ‘explained’.  The series is called Taysîr An-Nahw and can be accessed from the following link.  Again, the series is available in both audio and video formats, and is in Arabic.

Taysîr An-Nahw

Mandhumah Al-Ajurrumiyyah of Muhammad Ibn ‘Abb

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I have uploaded two new files, the text of Muhammad Ibn ‘Abb Ash-Shinqîtî’s (`Ubayd Rabbihi) poem on Al-Âjurrûmiyyah and an audio file for the one who wishes to memorise the poem, or at least read it correctly.  For those viewing Abu Taubah’s explanation of the poem (Lessons on Al-Ajurrumiyyah), then what follows may benefit, in shâ’ Allâh.  Like everything, it is best to study under or refer to someone with the knowledge and ability to be teaching this.  Sometimes you find that texts and narrations slightly differ in wording with one another and I believe that’s the case even with these two files.  Allâh knows best.

File: Mandhûmah Al-Âjurrûmiyyah (text)
File: Mandhûmah Al-Âjurrûmiyyah (audio)

Lessons on Al-Ajurrumiyyah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Video lessons on Al-Âjurrûmiyyah, a primer text for the study of Arabic Grammar.  The teacher is Abu Taubah who mâ shâ’ Allâh, has a clear and simple teaching style. He is using one of the Âjurrûmiyyah poems, Nadhm Al-Âjurrûmiyyah Li `Udayd Rabbihi also known as the  as the base/text as oppose to the original Muqaddimah of the author, Ibn Âjurrûm. The author of the poem is Muhammad Ibn Abb Al-Qalâwî Ash-Shinqîtî, famously known as `Ubayd Rabbihi. The course appears to be ongoing.

I will, by Allâh’s permission be posting more stuff pertaining this monumental book in the future.