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An Explanation of Al-Balaghah Al-Wadihah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Shaykh Muhammad Sa`îd Raslân has an explanation of the book Al-Balâghah Al-Wâdihah both in audio and video!  Shaykh Raslân is one of the noted scholars of Egypt.  He has graduated from Al-Azhar with a Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery, a BA in Arabic in the Islamic Studies branch (?).  In addition to this, the Shaykh earned both his Masters and Doctorate in `Ilm Al-Hadîth.  Click the banner below for the sharh.

Note:  Lessons are in Arabic.


An-Nahw Al-Wadih… A Solution?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Some students I’ve come across crave to learn definitions of grammatical terminology and principles in Arabic.  Yet this hard using their Madinah Books, which only really outline principles and rules (qawâ`id) in the appendix/key, in English.  This is normal of course, it’s usually up to the teacher to provide more than just the Arabic terminology that all students need to know.  It’s his or her choice to supply students with Arabic definitions, which a student can memorise or learn, and use as a base for their understanding of a given principle.

Sometimes, and I have witnessed this, a teacher does provide Arabic definitions but in the rush of jotting down notes vis-à-vis the difficulty some students face, the definitions still get written down in English.  Perhaps you might see an incomplete Arabic definition in the pages of your classmates and again, this is perfectly normal for the most part. Wallâhu A`lam.

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