Arabic Course Material

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Course/Series Description
Madinah Arabic Course A popular course that is taught to non-Arabic speaking students who enroll in the Islamic University of Madinah, KSA. Without the additional syllabus exercises, this course is not vocabularly rich.
Ibn Sa`ûd Arabic Course The Arabic course taught in Muhammad Ibn Sa`ûd University in Riyadh, KSA. My class-mates and colleauges often described this as the best Arabic course, as it gears you up for studying Islamic sciences.
`Arabîyyah Bayna Yadayk The Bayna Yadayk series covers a wide arrange of real-life topics, giving students a large vocabulary base. Grammar and morphology are introduced rather slowly. Taught in the Fajr Centre in Cairo, Egypt.
Kitâb Al-Asâsî Like the Bayna Yadayk series, Kitâb Al-Asâsî covers a number of themes but has the advantage of containing richer grammar than the former. These books are also apart of the Fajr Centre curriculum.
An-Nahw Al-Wâdih & Al-Balâghah Al-Wâdihah These books are perhaps the best I have come across yet, but aren’t suitable if you do not already have a fair/decent understanding of Arabic. The series is thorough and covers many advanced topics.

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