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Methods of Memorization in Mauritania

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Mâ shâ’ Allâh, this is an excellent and detailed account of the renowned Mauritanian method of memorisation/hifdh.

Methods of Memorization in Mauritania

by: Abu Umar Abdul ‘Aziz

Al-Hamdu lillaah, we praise Allah and seek His aid and forgiveness. May the Salah and the Salam be upon the Messenger of Allah, and upon his family and companions and all who follow his path with goodness until the Day of Judgment.

To proceed:

Once, the great scholar and grammarian, Shaykh Muhammad Salim al-‘Udud ash-Shinqiti of Mauritania was attending a meeting for the international jurisprudence council in Cairo Egypt. After the meeting, the Shaykh went out with an Egyptian scholar to have dinner and converse with. During the course of the modest dinner, lively discussion took place about the various differences between Mauritania, a large extremely poor country situated in the Sahara desert, and the fairly developed and modern Egypt. The two scholars discussed the methods of Islamic study in both countries and this led the Egyptian scholar to jokingly ask him, “Which scholars are more knowledgeable, the scholars of Egypt or the scholars of Mauritania?”

In response to the question, Shaykh Muhammad Salim said: ” Your scholars are more knowledgeable in the day time, and our scholars are more knowledgeable in the night.”

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Abu Bakr Islamic University – Karachi, Pakistan

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The following is a forum posting by the brother Abu Ahmed Faraz, regarding A University in Karachi, Pakistan that apparently goes by the curriculum of Madînah Univeristy. To view the thread/discussion visit,


In Karachi (Pakistan), Abu Bakr Islamic University follows the same curriculum as Islamic University at Madinah and is home to many contemporary scholars.

Life at the university:

*~ All courses are in Arabic, no other language is allowed in the classrooms. It is this quality which sets it apart from many of the other universities in the country.

*~ Free food and lodging.

*~ There is a large hostel within the university where students can opt to live.

*~ There is a doctor from Saudi Arabia who spends two hours a day providing medical assistance to the students of the University. An ambulance is also available in case of emergencies.

*~ They teach the aqeedah of the Salaf us Salih.

*~ Students are permitted to give exams of “Wafaq ul Madaris Al Salafiyyah Pakistan” alongside their studies at the university.

~* They have a two-year long Arabic program based on the curriculum at Madinah University. The university staff speak only in Arabic in order to accustom the student to the language.

~* Annual vacations start on the 1st of June and students are usually expected to report back on the 2oth of July. Additionally, the month of Ramadan is also given off.However, study circles on Hadith, Arabic and Fiqh etc. are held for those who choose to stay in the University during this time.

About the University:

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Dar Al-Hadith – Dammaj, Yemen

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Shaykh Abu `Amr, `Abd Al-Karîm Al-Hajûrî speaks at length about Dâr Al-Hadîth in Dammâj, Yemen. The Shaykh deals with many questions coming from the west, addressing issues of living, costs, studying, life of the student of knowledge in Dammâj and San`â, the Yemeni capital. A truly inspiring video coupled with breath-taking scenery of Yemen. When I first saw/listened to this in Egypt, I felt like packing my bags and heading straight for San`â.

Muslim reported that the Prophet (sall Allâhu `alayhi wasallam) said that Îmaan, Fiqh and Hikmah is among the Yemenis. I hope that our Shuyûkh in Dammaaj, San`â and elsewhere in Yemen are from those who fall under this praise of our Noble Prophet (sall Allâhu `alayhi wasallam).

Studying in Mauritania

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Abu Taubah shares his experiences on studying in Mauritania.  A highly motivating video wherein he talks about studying, surviving, scholars and sandstorms.  For those intrigued to find out more, I suggest you visit

For the full video and post, see Studying in Mauritania.

Zam Zam Institute – Makkah, KSA

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I recently stumbled upon Zam Zam Institute’s website ( and decided to see what they offer. One hundred hours of intensive Arabic study spread across twenty days.  The best part is that they are situated near the Haram and collect/drop you off there daily.

While so far they only offer services for short-term stays, they are currently seeking permission from the Ministry of Interior to offer two-year programs for students.  If they are granted this then amazing opportunities would open to the student.  Two years of prayers and tawaaf in the Haram, residency in the city of the Prophet’s (sall Allâhu `alayhi wasallam) birth and daily lessons with the scholars.  Allâh knows best, perhaps this could be the next best option to studying in Saudi Arabia, for one who is unable to enroll into the various universities.

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