بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This blog is no more than a place where I (Abu `Uthmân) have collected resources, files and links from the world-wide-web for the purpose of learning the Arabic language the Qur’ân, and seeking knowledge in general.  By the grace of Alâh there are many, many blogs and sites that provide articles and lectures for learning the religion of Islâm, but few focus on these most fundamental subjects.

The motivation behind naming this blog came from two (or three) places.  Firstly, in terms of the blog’s purpose and the meaning of taysîr (تيسير), which is, “to ease, make easier”, it seemed an appropriate name as what is provided here should (in shâ’ Allâh) ease the path of seeking knowledge.  Secondly (and thirdly), two books which I have earned a love for, but still struggle to read, begin with the word.¹

¹ The first of them is a book of tafsîr, Taysîr Al-Karîm Ar-Rahmân fî Tafsîr Kalâm Al-Manân, by `Allâmah `Abd Ar-Rahmân bin Nâsir As-Sa`dî.  The second is a book of fiqh by the former’s student, Taysîr Al-`Allâm Sharh `Umdah Al-Ahkâm, by Shaykh `Abd Allâh Âl Basâm.


4 comments so far

  1. Abu Sulaimaan on

    I was surfing the net looking for information about Mauritania and came acroos your blog. From the little that I’ve seen it appears to be very interesting. Are you currently in Mauritania?

    • Abû `Uthmân on

      As-salaamu `alaykum

      Alhamdulillaah, glad you’ve liked it so far. No, I’m not in Mauritania nor have I been. There are some brothers you could try to contact if you want more information about the place, such as Abu Taubah of The FIKS. Hope it helps.

  2. Salam akhi, great work mashallah.

    I started a website to teach Arabic through video for free. Let me know what you think,


    • altaysir on

      Wa`alaykum us-salaam

      Jazaak Allaahu khayra. Sorry for the delay, I’ve only just checked out your site and a lesson and alhamdulillaah, it’s good! Will be checking back myself later.

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