‘Arabizi is destroying the Arabic language’


Published: Apr 19, 2011 22:25 Updated: Apr 19, 2011 22:25

JEDDAH: Arabizi, a term that describes a system of writing Arabic in English, is now more popular than ever, especially online.

Parents and teachers are becoming more concerned over the popularity of this new trend. Some see it as a threat to the Arabic language.

A non-English speaker does not need to speak the language to communicate with others in Arabizi. Numbers are also mixed in Arabizi to represent some letters in Arabic, such as 2, 5, 6, 7 and 9.

Most Arab Internet users find this way easier than typing in Arabic. Teachers fear that this will weaken their Arabic language ability or even replace the language in the future. Arabic professional professors from the Arab world consider it a war against the Arabic language to make it disappear in the long run.

Miral Dibawy, a 21-year-old university graduate, is using Arabizi because she finds it easier when typing on the Internet and sending text messages. She also admitted that it has weakened her Arabic language ability when it comes to writing.

“I was so addicted to this language when chatting and sending texts to my friends. When it came to my research paper, I was finding it hard to write in Arabic. I had to write it in Arabizi first and then translated it into Arabic,” said Miral.

She confirmed that she tried many times to write in Arabic or English, but she found it was very difficult because she had become dependent on Arabizi.

“When I start writing in Arabic, I found myself committing many mistakes and typos and sometimes had difficulty finding the words I wanted to express my thoughts.” She said that some writers used Arabizi when writing books and Internet blogs.

Dina Jamal, university student, agreed that Arabizi weakens the Arabic language and said she only uses Arabic or English when communicating online.

“I do not care if Arabizi is modern or elegant, all I care about is protecting my mother language,” she said.

She added that it is sad that people ignore Arabic, the best language to express feelings, and use Arabizi instead. She said that it is better to use it sparingly and only online and not make it a language that in the future could replace Arabic.

Ali Nasser is a private company employee who does not think there is a problem using Arabizi. He said that Arabizi is a valid mode of communication inside the company and used when emailing other co-workers.

“For me, it is difficult to express myself in Arabic. I cannot write slang in Arabic because it is difficult, while in Arabizi I can. I do not see any evidence that Arabizi weakens my Arabic. The same could be said about weakening the English language but it is not true. I think people are oversensitive about this issue.”

Taiba Al-Amoudi, a private middle school Arabic teacher, claimed that Arabizi was negatively affecting her students’ command of the language.

“The student started creating words from Arabizi and using it in their daily conversation and this is negatively affect their Arabic language knowledge,” said Al-Amoudi

Hossam Gouda, an Arabic language teacher at a private school in Jeddah, believes that Arabic speakers must use Arabic only, the same rule applying to other languages.

Gouda said that there had been a noticeable decline in the performance of students when it comes to Arabic.

“Using Arabizi has a negative effect on the Arabic language,” he said.

He confirmed that Arabic speakers must protect the language and make it stronger.

“What’s happening is that Arabic speakers are weakening the language by using Arabizi, and destroying it in the process,” he said.

Gouda added that it’s better to use Arabic online for as long as possible to prevent it from disappearing in the long run.



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  1. 'Abdullaah Tasneem on

    With The Name Allaah and (All) Priase, is resticted only for Allaah, Who’s-Highly Glorified and Exalted from all deficiencies associated with Him-Aameen. May He continue to send the Highest and noblest of His priases, peace, and blessing’s , upon the seal of all his Prophet’s and Messengers. Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullaah, his family, and companions-all of them and those who? Follows thier way in righousness-Aameen.

    May Allaah’s peace blessing’s and mercy be upon us all-Aameen.

    As for the topic at hand, this will never happen. Why? because as long as there’s “Fusha”-then, what ever mankind ties to invent will never exceed the language of His Creator. “Fusha ‘Arabeyyah”, is Allaah’s language. As for htose Who? Have worries about, the disapearance of “Lughaatul ‘Arabeyyeh”. I say to you, where’s your trust in Allaah’s ability, to do all thins-Aameen.There’s a verse in the Book of Allaah-that say’s-Allaah, will never allow, the disbelievers, to vitoreous, over the believers.

    As to the matter of those Muslem Men and muslem Wemon, Who? Have adapted the mothodology. I say to you all:

    1. Where’s your Taqwatullaah,
    2. Wehre’s your Khawf Mennallaah,
    3. Where’s your ‘Ebaadatullaah,
    4. Where’s your Hayyatullaah,
    5. Where’s your Tarbeyyah Wattasfeyyah.

    I could go on forever-asking you.Where’s your “ETC”. It makes me sick to here of such deviation’s. Why? Because I am, an American Muslem-Strugling in America to practice this deen of ours. My struggles are hard, But Who? Am I, to complian. Even if I could complian, I wouldn’t. I’ve studing ‘Arabic for guite some years now. I find it, a great reward, to be chosen by My Lord:

    1. To be Muslem,
    2. to Struggle to be an obedient Muslem,
    3. To Struggle to learn the language of Allaah,
    4. To Struggle to recieve the Barrakah, of trying to learn one Harf correctly-if you know the narration of the Messenger of Allaah etc.

    And you have those, who? where born with the lughah, and they want to throw it away, for some invented man made trash-i.e. “‘Arabeze”. Where is this word, in the Qur ‘aan, The Sunnah, or the Narrations from our ‘Righous Predecessor’s. Suches the Companions of the Messenger of Allaah. Eemam Muslem, Bukhare, Shafe ‘e, Malek, ‘Uthaymen, Ben Bazz, Abu Hurayrah and the other ‘Rightly guide Khulafah.

    In closing: The messenger of Allaah-siad There will be a day etc. And He also siad, some of my Ummah willfollow, the ways of the people’s of the book so much so, that if they crawelled into a lizzard whole we woukd follow them in it. Oh! How True, a messenger He was. The only thing, that will change, is the language of those Muslem’s; Who? adapt, to this ideology of ‘Arabeze-that’s all. al-Lughaatu Fushatun, will never change.

    P.S. Whatch what you say-Becuase when you say, “I am affraid that that the ‘Arabic language wiil fade away. When you incorperate that type of thinking into your mind set. Then your actually saying, ‘The Qur ‘aan, will fade away. The laghah, is in the Qur ‘aan. Now if you don’t mind, i have an ‘Arabic class to attened.

    Your Brother in Eslam forever,

    ‘Abdullaah Tasneem Salaahhuddeen Khaleel ibn Bazz
    Wallaahu Musta ‘aan.

    Wassalaanu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmaatullaahe wa Barakaatuhu-Aameen.

    • Khadijah on

      As-Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh

      Well said Br., Al-Hamdulillah. Anyone who has been born bred, raised and spoon-fed on khufr can well appreciate your words. Al-Hamdulillah Rabbil Al-Amin we are Muslims. By Allaah, every second of the day I know this powerful Mercy and gift Allaah azza wa jal has bestowed on this servant. Allaah can do ANYTHING HE WIllS. For those with any doubts return again and again to the Quran and Sunnah. Know the history of this world and mankind. And Fear our Lord ta’ala as He should be feared. And hope for His Mercy and Shade on the Day that is surely coming closer with each passing Day. Allaahu Akbar.

  2. altaysir on

    Wa`alaykum us-salâm warahmatullâhi wabarakâtuh

    Jazâkumullâhu khayran.

    This article and others are not posted with conviction or belief in their conclusions but rather for the sake of news. The points that interested me the most are how some people who use Arabizi are starting to slack in their Arabic. If anything, Arabizi is destroying some people’s level of Arabic, not the language itself as it’s the language of the kitâb of Allâh.

  3. Shehu Usman Yahaya on

    14/09/2012. Actually its seriously alarming, the concept of ‘arabizi.’ Why? Because Arabic as we know is the languge of the Qur’an, the language of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), the language of al-Jannah. It is obvious that the anti-Islamic posture and mentally adopted by the West, the Ahl al-kalaam will not hesitate to grasp whatever, even the slightest micro-opportunity to undermine this important language. In the western orientation, they view the slightest grammatical error as a serious crime against effective communication and their goal – wealth generation. They have launched a propaganda against Arabic language and its unfortunate that they have recruits amongst us! So the easiest means to retaliate is for us to launch an equally effective propaganda design against their languages – englizi, frenchizi, germizi, italiazi, russiazi etc. With my elementary level of Arabic language, I will not find it difficult to struture some engiizi words: ‎‏ ‏co-worker = ‎كو-وكا ‏‎; negatively = ‎نيغيتبلي‎. Ma as-salam

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