Vocabulary of The Qur’an

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The course/book, 80% of Qur’anic Words was written by Dr. Abdulazeez Abdulraheem, may Allâh reward him with good.  The objective is assist the seeker in understanding the Qur’ân through the memorisation of an array of the vocabulary therein.  Bear in mind, the course doesn’t really teach you any grammar or morphology (you may pick some up through the memorisation and patterns), nor does it teach you how to use certain words, it’s all about memorising words and drilling them into your brain, in order to understand the Qur’ân.  The last set of pages cover some verb conjugation which seemed pretty useful too.

Having said that, understanding the Qur’ân is our main and primary objective for which we study the Arabic language.  So while we may be put off in that this course is not in-depth or comprehensive, it shouldn’t be difficult to memorise a page a day.  Perhaps by doing so you will understand the Qur’ân more than you will in spending the same amount of time through the pursuit of a more popular Arabic course.

Of course, we all have our preferences and our long and short-term goals.  If a short-term goal of yours is to increase khushû` in prayer and to understand the Qur’ân as it is recited, have a look at this book.  If it is for you then alhamdulillâh, if not then again, alhamdulillâh.

80% of Qur’anic Vocabulary


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