New Theme, More “Reviews”

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As-salâmu `alaykum

I decided to change the theme to this site as the old one seemed too plain with only blacks whites and greys (and blue hyperlinks).  The place now looks more like a blog, with the narrow content window and the home page symbol has been replaced with the word “blog”.  Yet despite this, I think maybe the other theme provided a more site-like feel, which is probably more suitable.

Moving on, I have some more dictionary “reviews” to be posted I hope by early June.  The delay is due exams of mine which begin this week, so please make du`â for me as I seriously need them.  As you can imagine I won’t be active until they’re over, but to compensate for my absence, I have some scheduled posts coming soon…



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