New Section Added – Texts

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillâh, I’ve added a new page called ‘Texts’ (see above). The purpose of the page is to provide links/downloads for well-known Islamic texts or mutûn. This is just the beginning, I have many more to add, but I want to keep things consistent and publish the documents to pdf first. You see, I run on a Mac and therefore think about other Mac users. To be quite frank, Arabic support on them is slacking with non-standard packages such as Apple’s iWorks and Microsoft Word, the latter of which does not even support Arabic yet, which I find pathetic.

So many Arabic Word documents, like those books found at, appear disaligned on Apple software, and as complete Jibberish on Microsoft’s.  In addition to this, Islamic texts are typically memorised, so a pdf means you can read it on a number of devices as well as any computer.  Who knows?  Someone may do most their memorising through an iphone, PDA or e-book reader.  So pdf is in shâ’ Allâh, a viable solution.

Many consider it unprofessional to actually distribute documents via email etc. in Word (.doc) format.  The argument is that not everyone can afford or owns the software and shouldn’t feel obliged and pressured to buy from Microsoft or be subject to their standards.  So you should consider all colours by distribution via a more global, non-Microsoft profiting medium, for instance, pdf…  The base of the argument sounds good but the reasons are flawed, since they are often hurled by over zealous, passionate, Bill Gates-bashing, Linux-loving hippies.  I mean, there are many open-source alternatives out there that support doc, which come standard with most Linux setups and also, most people pirate Microsoft’s software, so nobody is paying!

Anyhow, I have more sections of the site to add and everything will come together in good time, bi-idhn illâh.


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