Zam Zam Institute – Makkah, KSA

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I recently stumbled upon Zam Zam Institute’s website ( and decided to see what they offer. One hundred hours of intensive Arabic study spread across twenty days.  The best part is that they are situated near the Haram and collect/drop you off there daily.

While so far they only offer services for short-term stays, they are currently seeking permission from the Ministry of Interior to offer two-year programs for students.  If they are granted this then amazing opportunities would open to the student.  Two years of prayers and tawaaf in the Haram, residency in the city of the Prophet’s (sall Allâhu `alayhi wasallam) birth and daily lessons with the scholars.  Allâh knows best, perhaps this could be the next best option to studying in Saudi Arabia, for one who is unable to enroll into the various universities.

Until then (in shâ’ Allaah), it seems like an expensive option.  You pay for your tickets, hotel (remember you’ll most probably be on an `Umrah visa) which can cost exceptionally more than private accommodation and added to this, the course cost which is €300 per 100 hours.  Yet, if your planning for `Umrah and get a month’s stay, then this may be a great option.

I have no knowledge on teaching quality, so I can’t really recommend this just yet.  However, I imagine that someone with a decent level of Arabic can probably benefit greatly.  If you have any additional info about the place, feel free to comment.  I pray that Allâh makes them successful and grants them permission to offer long-term courses.

[Update: I stumbled across some information relating to costs and procedures here.]


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